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A Stroll Through Christmas

A Stroll Through Christmas

Christmas villages are interesting. I’ve always paused to look at them, to wonder what is going on. I think this is some of the appeal in holiday specials and the Hallmark channel. I think everyone wants the perfect tree, decorations…a perfect life.

Snow covered lanes and cobblestone roads adorned in their Christmas finest. Some towns come close, and many homes try, but most fall short. We watch these artificial lives and hope our our expectations  can match or even just come close.

I have to remind myself that no amount of cleaning of the floors, decking of the halls, or any other unrealistic expectation can fully make spirits bright. Remember, the perfect Christmas was in a manger.

Keep the perfection in the villages and the holiday productions. This year, try to bring some of those expectations down this year to a little unassuming town in Bethlehem. An unassuming feed trough, where inside, we all can find the perfect Christmas.

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